Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Cheval Liberte Alphabet – D and E

Let’s continue our unearthing of everything to do with the Cheval Liberte business in our special alphabetic blog series. For earlier chapters, simply scroll through the blog posts, especially if there is a particular letter you are interested in.

Design – Design is absolutely crucial at Cheval Liberte. From the moment an idea is conceived until the finished product is in situ on site, the design process is at work. A theme you will encounter a lot as we talk about various aspects of the business is comfort for the horses and every element of design is keyed into making this particular challenge successful.

Doors – Over on our main website, you will find a decent selection of stable doors, from the Club and Haras models, which are part of our standard range, right through to our Prestige stable doors. Check out the information on our website and call us for more details if you see something that fits the bill.

Equestrian – According to Wikipedia, the word equestrian is “always a reference to horseback riding”. The founders of Cheval Liberte are both riders and breeders of horses, so the passion for the industry is genuine and the experience is real, so the company certainly fits in well with the equestrian world.