Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Preparing for Horse Shows and Events with Temporary Stables

The summer months are a popular time to host various horse shows and events around the UK. With dressage, show jumping and a whole host of other equestrian based events taking place, you may be considering taking your horses to compete. If you are new to the equestrian world and wondering where you might be able to house the horses during the event in question, you will be pleased to know that help is at hand in the form of Cheval Liberte’s temporary stables.

Providing proper shelter and accommodation can ensure that the horses are truly the stars of the show. At Cheval Liberte we stock and supply what we call Hyppic Temporary Stables which only take a few minutes to assemble from their flat pack arrival.

They are fairly light in nature, whilst remaining strong and sturdy enough to keep your animals safe and secure, thanks to a galvanised steel framework. They are also pretty versatile and they can be set up either side by side or back to back, which can be particularly useful if you are travelling the country attending multiple shows and the available amount of installation space changes from venue to venue.

For lots more information about temporary stables, please visit the main Cheval Liberte website.