Monday, 6 October 2014

Do I need Planning Permission for Mobile Field Shelters?

The short answer should be “NO” but it’s not quite as straightforward as that and you need to ensure that you have dotted all the "i's" and crossed all of the "t's" before assuming that you don’t need planning permission and also ideally before plonking your field shelter in said field.

The heart of the matter perhaps lies within the word “mobile”, for if your shelter is truly that – “mobile” then in most cases it is likely to be exempt from planning permission. However, if any ground works have been carried out in order to situate your shelter, then this is an altogether different matter and is much more likely to be subject to planning permission. If you cannot move your field shelter around the field or from one location to another, then it really isn't considered “mobile” at all!

What might the people in the planning regulations department be looking for when deciding whether your structure is indeed mobile or not? They might look for evidence that it has been moved on a fairly frequent basis (perhaps every 6-8 weeks). You are permitted to place your shelter on skids (steel or wooden). They will also require evidence that no ground works have been conducted in order for the shelter to function. Of course, the easiest way to sort it all out is to contact your local planning office and outline your intended plans to them – this will hopefully prevent any controversy further down the line.

Once you have overcome any potential planning hurdles, you will be free to enjoy all of the benefits that a mobile field shelter can deliver. You can move it around your field (or fields) into the best location depending on the season – you might want to avoid a quagmire in wetter, colder weather. You can also position your shelter so that it is largely sheltered from any inclement weather conditions.

Once again, however, if you are in any doubt whatsoever, we strongly advise anyone looking to build a mobile shelter to contact their local planning department in advance thus avoiding any chances of problems arising after the structure has been erected.

Please contact the team at Cheval Liberte for much more information regarding mobile field shelters.