Monday, 20 May 2013

How to Turn Empty Stables into Money

If you have a barn lay idle why not make the most of it? It may just be an empty shed to you but with a bit of tender loving care it could be turned into internal stables. The new look stables could soon provide you with an added revenue stream.

Internal stables such as those from Cheval Liberte are a popular choice for livery yards, veterinary practices and keen equestrians alike.

The internal stables can also be used to partition a large barn into sections. This could prove ideal for a horse and foal.

The stables are light and airy and allow horses to see each other, something which many horse owners are in favour of. Equestrians also highlighted that the internal stables are warmer and less draughty than some of the traditional alternatives.

Cheval Liberte has a choice of stables available including the Prestige and Standard Range. Both provide exceptional strength and durability and are highly practical in assembly, installation and operation. Cheval Liberte’s Standard Range is strong, durable and practical. The internal barns in this range can be purchased with a frontage panelled in oak, recycled plastic or hardwood.

There is an internal stable available for most budgets. Not only do they have the potential to bring in more money, they will also take care of your animals.

As summer approaches horses still need time in the shade, especially if they are getting on in years. On very hot days it is important to bring the animals in and hose them down to keep them cool. By keeping them inside you can monitor their behaviour to ensure the heat isn’t affecting them. If your horse is suffering from heat exhaustion it is important to keep offering water.