Tuesday, 11 June 2013

American Barns Prove Popular in the UK

American barns are obviously synonymous with the United States – the clue is in the description, American. These massive barns can be seen dotted all around Midwestern towns. They are often painted a lovely red and have large wooden doors. The minute a visitor sees the magnificent structure one knows they are in horse riding territory and the horse rules.

Cheval Liberte knows how important horses are to their owners which is why the company, based in north Wales stocks American Barns. These are luxurious barns which will keep any horse in tip-top condition.

The famous structures are often used in television shows. If Dallas or Dynasty ever wanted to show horses in a stable it was always inside a grand American barn and not a timber lean-to.

Most recently Emmy winning series Homeland had a scene inside an impressive American barn. The scene was used to set up a conversation between lead actor Damian Lewis who plays Brody and a wealthy horse breeder wanting to finance a political party in the upcoming US election.

American barns lend themselves to large equestrian yards but Cheval Liberte’s products can be used for smaller projects too. There are a number of American barns to choose from including the Laminate and Manoir.

Available throughout the UK and Ireland, American Barns are growing in popularity. 'The Manoir' barn is a modular design which enables customers to have an unlimited number of bays, each comprising two stalls for their horses. The barns are supplied with large, double sliding doors at both ends and have the added advantages of sheltered areas along both sides.

The Laminate Barn could allow you to have an unlimited number of stalls. It has double sliding doors at both ends and the galvanized steel framework is clad with timber.

The barns have grown in popularity in recent years and help UK equestrian yards stand out from the crowd.