Thursday, 13 June 2013

Who Are Cheval Liberte?

With an extraordinary passion for horses, Cheval Liberte began life in France 18 years ago with its primary goal to produce and supply stables, stable equipment and stalls that catered specifically to the needs of both the horses and their owners.

As riders and breeders, the owners are in the perfect position to understand the needs of both the animals and those that are tasked with taking care of them, as well as having an in depth knowledge of the wider equine world and industry.

In 2005, Cheval Liberte (UK) Ltd was established. They are now the sole importers of products from the Cheval Liberte brand and distribute those products in and around Great Britain and Ireland.

The comfort and security of horses is behind every design decision and development. A product that serves both the best interests of the animals and their owners is of the utmost importance as the company strive to produce a range of products that are skilfully designed and engineered.

Whether it’s temporary stables, American barns, internal stables or a range of accessories such as shutters, windows and doors, those hallmarks of quality will be present throughout.

You can learn lots more about the company and their products by visiting the main website at