Sunday, 6 October 2013

Cheval Liberte Alphabet - F & G

France - Of course, with a brand name like Cheval Liberte, you would expect France to figure somewhere, so it won’t surprise any of you to learn that the company was founded in France back in 1995. Neither will it surprise you to learn that “Cheval Liberte” (literally translated “horse freedom”) is passionate about horses and their well-being.  Primarily established to produce high quality stables, stalls and stable equipment, the company’s products can now be found and purchased in a whole host of countries, especially around Europe – Portugal, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Luxembourg and Poland to name just some of them.

Gallery – Over on our main UK website, there are a vast array if images to go along with the products available but if you just want to get a better feel for how the products will look on site, then you could head straight over to our Cheval Liberte Gallery page, where you will be able to see stable doors, stable partitions as well as internal stables in situ. You can also check out the American barns and Hyppic temporary stables.

Tune in again next time, for another bite sized look at our Cheval Liberte alphabet – we are not even half way through yet!