Friday, 15 November 2013

Cheval Liberte Alphabet – “H” is for Horses

Another major stopping point in the Cheval Liberte alphabet is the letter “H”. Horses really are what the company is all about. Their love and passion of the equine world is where it all began and as we saw in the last chapter the company name itself is translated as “horse freedom”. Providing the best quality indoor environments for horses is something Cheval Liberte strives for and this can be clearly seen in the range of stables, American Barns and field shelters.

Each horse owner’s needs will be different, from requiring multiple temporary stables for those that show or race horses on a regular basis, to those who might just own a few or even one horse and need to provide vital shelter for the animal. Whichever end of the scale you are on, we are sure you will share the philosophies with Cheval Liberte who believe that your horses should have the best facilities possible for each situation.

You may not need a whole new stable, you may just be looking for some stable doors, windows or other accessories to add to your existing set up. You can find all of these items and many more over at the main website -