Monday, 23 December 2013

Cheval Liberte Alphabet - "I" is for Internal Stables

Internal stables are a large part of what Cheval Liberte is all about. Perhaps you have buildings that are not being used and always wondered if you could do something with them. Well, potentially (depending on the kind of building) and with a little bit of work you could be sitting on a way to bring some money in by converting your old out buildings or agricultural buildings into internal stables.

There are a variety of options when considering this kind of venture and some of our most popular come from the Prestige Range and the Standard Range. Both options represent good quality, with plenty of skill having gone into the design process. They are all strong and built to last and there are a number of stable frontages to choose from so you can tailor the structure as closely to your own requirements as possible.

The Prestige range features perhaps the pinnacle of our internal stable range. Select your doors and finishes to closely match the rest of your building’s aesthetic. For much more information about our range of stabling solutions, please visit our main website, where we also have a range of accessories and other products that will appeal to any keen equestrian.