Friday, 14 February 2014

Cheval Liberte Alphabet - "J" is for the Jump Range

Nestled into one of the corners of our main website is the Cheval Liberte “Jump” range. This is for those horse owners who are perhaps a little sportier and either enjoy the jumping aspect themselves or own a piece of land that is used to train horses and even other riders.

On the site there are a good selection of poles, galvanised uprights and water jumps in addition to storage racks which are designed to make storing the equipment more straightforward. With a combination of galvanised uprights, poles and water jumps, you can create your very own course or arena. Choose from a variety of sizes to suit whoever might be using the layout – make it easy and gentle for the learners and perhaps make it a little more challenging for those with some experience.

Everything is made from the highest quality and the well being of the horses themselves is always the main priority in everything that Cheval Liberte does and is involved with. Perhaps better known for our range of stables, American barns and field shelters, there really is something for everyone involved in the equestrian world.

Please visit our main website for more information about the jump range as well as any of our other products.