Saturday, 22 February 2014

Cheval Liberte Alphabet - "L" is for "Laminate" American Barns

If you are planning an American Barn style set up as part of your new enterprise or extension of an existing one, there are a number of different options available to consider. An American Barn is pretty much what you would expect, a usually large internal space that is ideal for accommodating horses.

Here at Cheval Liberte, we actually stock four different kinds of American style barn and one of them is the Laminate. It’s a modular design, which means if you so wish, you can have a number of different bays to suit your requirements. Each of these bays will feature two stalls. The structure of the barn itself is where the “Laminate” name comes from, with the galvanised steel framework being clad in timber. This of course makes the structure look much more attractive from the outside and easily convinces as a fully made from wood building.

There are again a number of different options available, depending on your preferences. Barn Type 50 features 40mm thick tanalised pine, while Barn Type 70 features 65mm thick tanalised pine.

You can find out lots more about Cheval Liberte American Barns and in particular the Laminate Barn, over at our main website.